Thursday, December 2, 2010

Important Factors

Do you feel overwhelmed by the dozens of models available when choosing a baby stroller?
There are some that are specially designed for newborns and ones for toddlers. Then there are practical, lightweight ones, ideal for traveling, and heavy-duty jogger strollers, which is the best stroller for long walks and hikes along the beach. In fact, there is a stroller for everyone. Evaluating your usage patterns will help you find your decision about what kind of stroller you want to buy. 
These are few factors to select a best stroller;

Strollers constructed of metal are more stable and durable. However, metal strollers weigh much more than their plastic counterparts, and are usually more expensive. Heavier strollers are sturdier, last longer and can carry heavier -- and thus older - children.

How big is it when unfolded or folded? Will it fit in your vehicle? Will it fit on sidewalks, through doorways, down store aisles?

Baskets, bumpers, storage, canopies, hand rails, bag clips, drink holders, snack trays: Some of these options are necessary, some are nice to have, but others are just frivolous features. Let accessories be the deciding factor only if you're torn between two comparable models.

Seat  Adjustments
If your babies will be sleeping frequently in the stroller, they may be more comfortable in a seat that reclines. Some stroller seats recline completely flat, while others only allow for a slight angle. This is a common complaint about many tandem strollers. Some side-by-side models have independently reclining seats, however others require that both babies sit at the same incline.

All-Terrain Options
If you will be doing a lot of outdoor strolling, look for safety features like oversized wheels, all-terrain tires, deep seats, locking brakes and a safety wrist strap. Special strollers, with a large wheel base designed for jogging, running, or athletic walking, are available in twin and triplet seating configurations.

How well a stroller maneuvers is certainly subject to personal opinion. However there are some basic features that will make any stroller easier to push and turn. Look for swivel wheels (best for indoor use), ergonomic handles that are at a comfortable level for your height, and a stable wheel base that prevents the stroller from tipping as you turn corners. The best way to determine whether a stroller will operate comfortably is to physically push it around and test it out. Just as you wouldn't buy a car without a test drive, you shouldn't expect to find the perfect stroller without one.

Infant Seats
Relatively new and inventive advancement in the baby equipment market are the all-in-one transportation systems that incorporate car seats and baby carriers with a stroller design. Recently, this concept has been extended to double strollers and may be useful for parents of multiples. Keep in mind the limitations, however. While it is convenient to be able to transport babies from car to stroller without removing them from their carrier, the life span of the stroller extends far beyond the life span of the carriers.

Cost is certainly a very important factor in buying a best stroller. You have to carefully consider how much you want to spend on it. A stroller is definitely a vital piece of equipment during your babies' early years, but its life span is limited to a few years at most. Most of the Best Strollers range from RM1500 - RM6000.

Your transportation needs will shift somewhat as your children grow from infancy to toddler hood, and you may not want to invest a lot of money in a NEW Stroller product that won't serve your needs over the years. Consider buying two -- or more -- less expensive Pre-loved Strollers that serve different needs, for example, an all-terrain jogger for walks to the park and a tandem to keep in the car for errands. 


We are always looking forward to make the best of what we have available. In many cases we spend exuberant amounts of money on clothes, bedding, furniture and especially doctors visits. With all of this money spent on basic preparations there isn’t much left to get into leisure products and preparations.
Nevertheless, there are important leisure items that must be bought. A stroller is on the top of the list as they allow us to go out with our new baby or even toddlers. Because of this need for mobility with young children, there is a lot of debate about which is the best stroller on the market and, unfortunately, no certain one wins out over the rest.
When deciding what stroller to buy it’s important to look at what you’re going to be using the stroller for. The same stroller that is perfect to take to the mall with you isn’t necessarily the same one that is going to make the best jogging stroller. MONEY also be a factor, however, you shouldn’t fall into the “cheap is fine” mentality as some “cheap” strollers can have some safety defects with their manufacturing.
There are several safety features to look for to ensure the safety of your baby. The first thing to check is the seatbelt and restraints. The seatbelt should be a snug fit around the waist of your baby along with the straps that support the crotch area and link to the waist belt. The baby should be housed securely so that he or she does not slip out the bottom of the stroller. A five-point harness is optimal, particularly if you have an active lifestyle that requires walking your baby over bumpy terrain.
Because of the subjective nature of which is the best stroller, doing a lot of research about the company you’re looking at buying from (recalls, safety issues, overall track record, etc.) is very important. When you’re buying a stroller you have to remember that a lot of the process is personal preference. Find a stroller that you work for what you’re going to be using it for with enough safety features that make you feel comfortable and then do your research.
There are hundreds of different types of strollers today including ones with big wheels to get you through just about any type of terrain. There are twin strollers, triplet strollers or carriages that carry infants plus toddlers. Some of the best strollers are designed to last for several years because they have the ability to change from an infant stroller to one which carries a small child.
Brakes on the modern baby strollers should be easy to operate while not being so simple that they can break down easily. The fabric the stroller is made from should be fire retardant as well as non toxic because the baby will often be trying to put parts of the stroller in their mouth. 

Frames made of metal should also be cured so that they do not rust which can get into the child’s eyes, ears and mouth. If the frame is plastic then once again the material should be of non toxic quality.